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Reserve Bank’s decision drowned investors’ loot, stock market outcry cost 6.27 lakh crores

New Delhi: The announcement made by the Reserve Bank on Wednesday to control inflation created an outcry in the stock market. Due to the...
Boat capsizes off Florida coast

Boat coming from Bahamas to US capsizes off Florida coast, 39 people missing

Miami (USA): Days after a boat coming from the Bahamas capsized off the Florida coast of America, the US Coast Guard has not found...

Strong earthquake felt in Northeast including Assam, 6.4 intensity on Richter scale

New Delhi: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the country. In many states of the country including Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Corona has created a...

Coronavirus uncontrolled in many areas of Pakistan, ‘smart lockdown’ imposed

Islamabad: 'Smart Lockdown' has been imposed in the areas most affected by Corona Virus infection in Pakistan. With this, the country is seeing an...
Russia fired 5 missiles at Lviv

Russia fired 5 missiles at Lviv, Ukraine, killing 5 in Kharkiv

Kyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 54 days. Russian troops intensify attacks on Ukrainian cities. According...