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Govt to raise capital by selling assets of Power Grid, Cabinet approved under InvIT

New Delhi: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) meeting today approved the creation of an Infrastructure Investment Trust for Power Grid Corporation. The...

Blue Wireless Launches High-Speed 5G Services and Expands Services to Americas Region

Singapore: Blue Wireless announced a major step in enabling Wireless WAN Solutions for global enterprises with the release of its new high-speed 5G...
coronil patanjali

Patanjali made coronil from Tulsi-Mulethi and Kadha

New Delhi: All the countries of the world, including India, are currently suffering from the corona virus (Covid-19). No vaccine has been developed for...
Protests in Mongolia

China detained 23 people over protests in Mongolia

Taipei: Police have arrested at least 23 people in connection with a demonstration last week against the decision to place the Mongolian language in...
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s hair sold for over 81 thousand dollars

Boston: Abraham Lincoln's hair bunch and a blood-stained wire detailing his assassination in 1865 were sold for over 81 thousand dollars during an auction...