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Facebook’s action on suspicious accounts! 5381 accounts deleted in June

New Delhi: Under the new IT rules in India, Facebook recently removed more than 30 million posts falling in 10 violation categories from May...

The winter session of Parliament postponed due to Corona

New Delhi: This time the Winter Session of Parliament has been postponed in view of the Corona Epidemic (Covid-19). According to the information received,...

Matt Roney Named as Lumileds Chief Executive Officer

San Jose, Calif., United States:  Lumileds, a global leader in innovative lighting solutions, today announced the appointment of Matt Roney as the company‚Äôs Chief Executive...
WHO team wuhan

WHO visits Wuhan, yet many questions on Corona not answered

Wuhan: After gathering some new information on the origin of Coronavirus Pandemic, a team of World Health Organization is leaving from China on Wednesday,...
Kidnap 276 girl students released

Kidnap 276 girl students released from Nigerian school

Gusau (Nigeria): The 279 students who were kidnapped (Student Kidnapping) from a boarding school in Jamfara State, northwestern Jamfara State, Nigeria (Nigeria), have been...