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Hualong One

First indigenous nuclear power reactor ‘Hualong One’ launched in China, know what it means

Beijing: Commercial operation of the first indigenously developed third-generation nuclear power reactor Hualong One has started in China on Saturday. This information was given...

Egypt Captivates World with Golden Pharaoh Parade

airo, Egypt: Twenty-two pharaoh mummies walked the streets of Cairo on Saturday evening in a stunning royal procession from the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square...
mumbai vaccination centeres

Record vaccination, so far the mark of 80.96 lakh has been crossed

New Delhi: On the very first day of the implementation of the new vaccine protocol of the Center, India has set a new record...
Norway's Christian Taibring nominated Trump

Donald Trump Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize, reconciled between UAE-Israel

Washington: US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize as a peace agreement between the UAE and Israel. According...
badlapur gas leakage

Gas leak caused panic in Badlapur, Maharashtra, many people got ill

Badlapur: According to the news, there was a huge panic due to a gas leak from a chemical factory in Badlapur, Maharashtra at around...