Final Countdown: Madhya Pradesh Constituencies Brace for Election Silence

Lok Sabha Elections 2024-MP

Bhopal: As the clock ticks towards the electoral silence period, the vibrant election campaign in Madhya Pradesh’s six key constituencies is set to halt today at 6 pm. This cessation of political fervor will see an end to road shows, rallies, and public gatherings as the region prepares for the upcoming polls. Notably, in the Balaghat Lok Sabha constituency, specifically in the Baihar, Lanji, and Parswara assembly segments, the restrictions will come into effect earlier, starting from 4 pm, due to their sensitive nature.

In anticipation of the April 19 elections, the constituencies of Sidhi, Shahdol, Mandla, Jabalpur, Balaghat, and Chhindwara are embracing a mandated quiet period after 5 pm on Wednesday. Anupam Rajan, the Chief Electoral Officer, has emphasized that non-resident individuals who are not registered voters must vacate the constituencies following the campaign deadline.

A rigorous compliance operation is set to be launched, with law enforcement scrutinizing accommodations such as hotels, lodges, and Dharamshala to ensure that only eligible voters remain. This measure is bolstered by the deployment of central paramilitary forces at critical locations, while local police units will secure other vital points.

The logistical ballet begins on Thursday as polling teams depart to orchestrate the first phase of voting. The nocturnal hours will witness meticulous preparations, with electronic voting machines being securely transported to polling stations under the watchful eyes of the contesting candidates. A prelude to the actual voting, a mock poll, will be conducted an hour before the official start, with each candidate or their proxy casting 50 votes to ensure the integrity of the process.

In a strategic move, voting in the three Naxal-affected assembly constituencies within the Balaghat Lok Sabha seat—Baihar, Lanji, and Paraswada—will conclude at 4 pm. The remaining constituencies will continue to welcome voters until 6 pm, ensuring ample opportunity for democratic participation.