AIIMS Patna: 384 medical staff, including doctors, medical students infected


Patna: After the PMCH, NMCH, the largest hospital in Bihar is Patna AIIMS, now a large number of doctors in Patna AIIMS have become infected with corona. People come from far and wide to get treatment in Patna AIIMS. In addition to the outsourcing of nursing staff, medical students, and doctors, this hospital has a total number of 3800. Out of which a total of 384 people including doctors, medical staff have become corona positive. Medical Superintendent Patna Dr. CM Singh has informed about the corona being infected. AIIMS has created a stir due to such a large number of doctors and health workers getting corona infected.

Now you can get a sense of how terrible the situation is. There are currently 200 Covid patients admitted in Patna AIIMS with a capacity of 1000 beds. There is also a shortage of doctors in this hospital equipped with a state-of-the-art machine. In Patna AIIMS, there has been a panic environment among the patients and their families who came to get treatment with so many doctors, nursing staff being corona positive. Due to corona to health workers, the patients and their timers are beginning to look upset.


Significantly, people from far flung areas of Bihar have reached AIIMS for treatment. In such a situation, there is a problem for the patients. Now when the Health Department of Bihar pays attention to the lack of oxygen in Patna AIIMS as well as the shortage of doctors, and when everything starts smoothly, it will tell the time to come. On one hand, a large number of people are infected due to corona infection, lack of hospital beds and lack of proper treatment, lack of oxygen from above has made people mental patients.