OpenAI Expands to India: Pragya Mishra to Spearhead Public Policy and Partnerships

Pragya Mishra-Open AI

New Delhi: In a strategic move to strengthen its global presence, OpenAI, the pioneering artificial intelligence firm known for its groundbreaking ChatGPT, has announced the appointment of Pragya Mishra as its first employee in India. Mishra, who brings a wealth of experience from her tenure as the Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller, is set to lead OpenAI’s public policy affairs and forge key partnerships within the country.

A Leader Amidst AI Challenges

Mishra’s appointment comes at a critical juncture as the misuse of deepfakes and AI technology poses new challenges, particularly during election periods. Her expertise is expected to be instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of AI ethics and governance.

A Seasoned Professional with a Diverse Background

Mishra’s professional journey is marked by significant roles, including her impactful work at Truecaller, where she collaborated with government bodies, investors, and media to shape public discourse. Prior to this, she honed her communication skills at Meta Platform, contributing three years of service.

Campaigning Against Misinformation

Notably, Mishra led a crucial campaign against misinformation on WhatsApp in 2018, showcasing her commitment to responsible communication. Her career also includes valuable experiences with Ernst & Young and the Royal Danish Embassy in Delhi.

Educational Foundation and Influence

Mishra’s academic credentials are equally impressive, holding an MBA from the International Management Institute (2012) and a graduation degree in Commerce from Delhi University. Furthering her expertise, she completed a Diploma in Bargaining and Negotiations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Beyond her professional endeavors, Mishra has made her mark as an Instagram influencer and as the host of the Pragyan Podcast, delving into topics of meditation and consciousness.

A Trusted Figure in Public Affairs

Mishra’s LinkedIn profile reflects her dedication to public affairs, with a tenure at Truecaller since July 2021. Her previous experience as a communications manager at Meta and her roles at Ernst & Young and the Royal Danish Embassy underscore her capability to lead OpenAI’s initiatives in India.

Pragya Mishra-Open AI

As OpenAI embarks on this new chapter, Pragya Mishra’s leadership is poised to shape the future of AI in India, ensuring ethical practices and fostering beneficial partnerships.