ChatGPT: The AI chatbot that will soon be in your car

Volkswagen-chat Gpt

New Delhi: ChatGPT is a popular AI chatbot that is already on your smartphone, but in 2024, it will also be in your car. That’s the plan of Volkswagen (VW), the German automaker, who has confirmed that it will install ChatGPT into its four-wheelers in the second quarter of 2024. The feature will be initially available to its customers in Europe, but it may expand to the US market shortly.

What can ChatGPT do for you in your car?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can help you with basic tasks like turning on the air conditioner or giving you quick answers. It can also provide you with vehicle-specific information, such as fuel level, tire pressure, or maintenance schedule. You can interact with ChatGPT in intuitive language, and it can enrich your conversations with relevant facts, jokes, or trivia. The best part is that you can do all this hands-free, by just saying, “Hello IDA” to activate the chatbot. IDA stands for Intelligent Digital Assistant, the name given by VW to ChatGPT.

How does ChatGPT work in your car?

ChatGPT works in your car by using third-party software developed by Cerence, a company that specializes in voice and AI solutions for the automotive industry. Cerence has integrated ChatGPT into the VW infotainment system, which is embedded into the steering wheel of select VW cars, such as the Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and the VW electric vehicles. ChatGPT uses natural language processing and deep learning to understand your queries and generate responses. It also uses cloud computing and data encryption to ensure fast and secure communication.

What are the benefits of ChatGPT in your car?

ChatGPT offers several benefits to VW car owners, such as:

  • Convenience: You can control your car’s functions and access information without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.
  • Communication: You can have a natural and engaging conversation with your car, and get personalized and contextual responses from ChatGPT.
  • Data protection: You don’t need to sign up with an account or install any app on your car or your phone to use ChatGPT. Moreover, any questions you ask the chatbot and the answers you receive are deleted right away, to give you the best level of data protection.

How does ChatGPT compare to other in-car voice assistants?

ChatGPT is not the first in-car voice assistant, as we have already seen cars support assistants like Alexa and Google’s voice commands. However, ChatGPT claims to have some advantages over them, such as:

  • More natural and human-like: ChatGPT can generate more natural and human-like responses, as it is based on a large corpus of conversational data. It can also handle complex and open-ended queries, and adapt to different contexts and tones.
  • More versatile and creative: ChatGPT can do more than just answer factual questions or execute commands. It can also generate creative content, such as poems, stories, jokes, or songs, based on your preferences and mood.
  • More specific and relevant: ChatGPT can provide more specific and relevant information, as it is tailored to the VW car models and features. It can also learn from your feedback and preferences, and improve over time.
Volkswagen-chat Gpt

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that will soon be in your car if you own a VW car. It can help you with basic tasks, provide you with vehicle-specific information, and enrich your conversations with natural and engaging responses. It also promises to offer convenience, communication, and data protection to VW car owners. ChatGPT is a result of the collaboration between VW and Cerence, and it aims to improve the existing features and ecosystem of in-car voice assistants.