Hackers stealing ChatGPT data of thousands of Indians and selling it on the dark web

Chatgpt data hack

New Delhi: Since its launch, ChatGPT has gained popularity and people all over the world are doing various experiments with it. By creating an account in it, they are also using this chatbot in their work. But no technology comes into the discussion that hackers start targeting it. ChatGPT was also not untouched by it.

According to a report by cyber security company Group IB, more than one lakh ChatGPT accounts have been hacked worldwide. According to the report, those who steal information have made the people of the Asia Pacific region the most victims. This data is from June 2022 to May 2023, in which it has been said that 40.5 percent of the hacked accounts are from the Asia Pacific region. Whereas Middle East-Africa is at number two and Europe at number three.

It has been said in this report that India has the maximum number of 12,632 accounts hacked, Pakistan is at number two with 9217 hacked accounts, while Brazil is at number three, where 6531 accounts have been hacked. It has been said in the report that details of compromised accounts have been found in the logs of malware. These details were sold on the dark web. The number of compromised ChatGPT accounts reached 26,802 in May, and most of the credentials being sold on the dark web are from the Asia Pacific region.

Why is ChatGPT data being compromised a concern?
In the last few months, a large number of people have started using ChaGPT. Many professionals are using this chatbot for their work so that their productivity can increase. Many institutes are using this chatbot for business and software development. Whatever question you ask in the chatbot and the answer you get, it all gets stored. When an account is hacked, there is a risk of sensitive data of a company or professional going into the wrong hands and misuse of that data. Using these, the company and its employees can be targeted.

Chatgpt data hack

It is possible that people whose ChatGPT account has been stolen have clicked on an unauthorized link. Clicking on such links increases the risk of malware-infected apps being installed on the phone or laptop. If you want to keep your digital experience safe, then it is important that you avoid such links and do not download such apps, about which you do not know properly.