No employee will be laid off, no reduction in basic pay, DA: Air India

Air India welcome

New Delhi: Air India has made it clear that no employee of the organization will be laid off.

Recent decisions of the Air India Board regarding rationalization of staff cost were reviewed in a meeting at the Civil Aviation Ministry this evening.

In a series of tweets, Air India said, it has been reiterated in the meeting that unlike other carriers which have laid off large numbers of their employees, no employee of Air India will be laid off. It informed that there has been no reduction in the basic pay, dearness allowance and HRA of any employees.


It said, flying crew will be paid as per the actual number of flown hours. Air India said, the rationalization of allowances had to be implemented due to the difficult financial condition of the airline, further worsened by COVID-19.

It said, the rationalization of allowances will be reviewed as domestic and international operations are expected to reach pre-COVID levels.