Air India Paris flight returns to Delhi after technical snag, 220 passengers safe

Air India

New Delhi: An Air India flight bound for Paris had to return to Delhi shortly after taking off on Friday due to a technical glitch, the airline said in a statement. The flight, AI 143, had 220 passengers and crew on board, who were safely evacuated after landing.

According to the statement, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft developed a problem in one of its engines soon after departing from the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 1:30 pm. The pilots decided to turn back and requested an emergency landing.

The flight landed safely at 2:15 pm and was towed to the bay for inspection. The passengers were accommodated in another aircraft, which took off for Paris at 4:30 pm, the statement said.


Air India apologized for the inconvenience caused to the passengers and said that it was investigating the cause of the technical snag. It also praised the crew for their professionalism and swift action in handling the situation.