Air India and Global Airlines Reroute Amid Escalating Middle East Tensions

Air India

New Delhi: In response to the escalating tensions in West Asia, Air India has joined a growing list of international airlines in avoiding Iranian airspace. This precautionary measure follows the Iranian threats of retaliation due to the recent alleged Israeli airstrike on Iran’s embassy in Damascus, Syria.

Flight Diversions as Safety Precaution
An Air India flight from New Delhi to London opted for an alternative route this morning, bypassing the usual path over Iran, as indicated by Flightradar data. This decision reflects the airline’s commitment to passenger safety amidst the rising geopolitical unrest.

Global Carriers Adopting Similar Measures
Lufthansa, Qantas, and Austrian Airlines are among the carriers that have adjusted their flight paths to steer clear of Iranian airspace¹. Qantas, the Australian airline, has already announced the redirection of its Perth to London flights to avoid the region. A Qantas spokesperson assured customers that they would be contacted directly should there be any changes to their bookings.

Suspension of Flights to Tehran
Lufthansa has taken a more drastic step by suspending flights to and from Tehran until at least Thursday, 18 April. The German carrier’s decision underscores the seriousness of the situation and the potential risks involved in flying over or near conflict zones.

US President’s Statement on the Crisis
The United States has expressed its concerns, with President Joe Biden urging Iran to desist from any aggressive actions against Israel, America’s key ally in the region. President Biden anticipates a potential Iranian strike as a reprisal for the airstrike in Syria, emphasizing the immediacy of the threat.

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