Saturn will get retrograde in Aquarius, know how it affects your zodiac for 141 days

Saturn will get retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius on June 05 at 03:16 in the morning. It will run in reverse till 23rd October i.e. 141 days. Due to retrograde Saturn Shani Vakri, many changes will be seen in the life of all the people. Saturn retrograde will have some negative and some positive effects, which will be different for each zodiac sign. What is the effect of Saturn’s reverse movement on your life? Let us know about the effect of retrograde Saturn on the zodiac signs.

Saturn retrograde 2022 effect on zodiac signs
Aries: The people of Aries are likely to benefit from the reverse movement of Saturn. With money gain, fame and fame will increase. There will be progress in career and business by the grace of Saturn. There will be a success in work and children will get happiness.

Taurus: Due to Saturn being retrograde, you will have to give up haste. At the time of any decision or investment, take steps very carefully. Keep restraint on speech and anger, only then work will be done.

Gemini: Due to the retrograde of Saturn, you can get some new experiences in your life. Whatever responsibility is being given to you at home or workplace, complete it properly. Work, don’t think too much about it. Shani Dev gives fruits according to karma.

Cancer: During the reverse movement of Saturn for 141 days, spend money wisely and be cautious. There may be a loss of money. Avoid arguments and take care of your health. New challenges can be found in careers.

Leo: With Saturn retrograde, you may have to deal with work stress at the workplace as your responsibilities may increase. During work, you should follow the rules and do the same. Stay away from wrong things and wrong people.

Virgo: Property can increase due to retrograde Saturn. New opportunities for profit will be available. Education is the sum of success in competition. Health will be fine. Career advancement can happen with any cooperation. You can get success in a court case.

Saturn will get retrograde in Aquarius

Libra: You have to be a little cautious due to Saturn being retrograde because there may be obstacles in work and you will have to be careful in matters of money. Any difficulty can be eased by listening to the life partner.

Scorpio: Due to Saturn, stress, and extravagance can increase in your life. Try to avoid family disputes. In the next 141 days, you should invest money after very careful consideration, otherwise, money may be lost.

Sagittarius: By the grace of Shani Dev, good opportunities are going to come for you in business. Your income may increase. You will get success in your career. Because of this, your financial position will be strong. Time is going to be good.

Capricorn: In Sade Sati, you should keep restraint on anger and speech. Anger and misrepresentation will only spoil your work. Stay away from arguments. Lack of restraint on speech can lead to problems in love life.

Aquarius: Your expenses may increase due to Saturn, so you have to control unnecessary expenses. Unnecessary expenses can weaken your financial side. Your savings can also be spent.

Pisces: Due to the retrograde of Saturn, challenges may increase for you in business, due to which some money may also be lost. Don’t do any new work now. Avoid lending money, you may get stuck. Employed people may also have to face new challenges.