Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, Nicha Raja Yoga will be formed, time of these zodiac signs will change

Jupitre transit in capricorn

According to astrology, the third biggest planetary change of the year is going to happen on September 14. On this day, Devguru Jupiter is going to enter Capricorn after changing the zodiac. Capricorn is considered the second house of Shani(Saturn), the god of justice. Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn will result in a combination of Guru(Jupiter) and Shani(Saturn), due to which Nicha Raja Yoga will be formed. Its effect will be on all the 12 zodiac signs. Some amount will give relief to the people and some will increase their difficulties. At the same time, some zodiac signs will also benefit from this. Know what will be the effect of this zodiac change on which zodiac sign.

After entering Capricorn on 15 September 2021, Jupiter will remain in this zodiac till 20 November. After this, he will again transit in Aquarius. Corona cases will increase during Jupiter’s stay in Capricorn. The wave of corona may reach its peak in October 2021. On 20 November, the effect of Corona can be reduced gradually with the Guru going back to Kumbh(Aquarius).

What will be the effect on which amount

  1. Aries
    Salary of salaried people may increase. Time is great for business. Be aware of diseases. It is possible to get both name and fame. Worshiping Shri Hanuman everyday will give benefits.
  2. Taurus
    Luck will support you, there will be new opportunities for jobs. New sources of income will open and stalled works will also be completed. There will be more interest in religious activities. Worship Goddess Lakshmi daily.
  3. Gemini
    There will be trouble in the job. There may be sudden and unnecessary travel. Some may also get good offers at this time. This is a good time for loving couples. Worship Lord Shiva.
  4. Cancer
    The problems of married life can end. Avoid investing. New job opportunities can be found. Time is beneficial for new businessmen. Take a very careful and wise decision. Chant the rosary of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva.
  5. Leo
    Take care about your health and stay away from enemies. There will be tension and problems in the workplace. There may be dispute with life partner. Keep sweetness in your speech and keep distance from controversy. Recite Lord Satyanarayan.
  6. Virgo
    Your work in the workplace will be appreciated. This time will also be suitable for investment. There is potential for profit in business. You can get some good news from the son. Read Bajrang Baan.
  7. Libra
    There is a possibility of profit from ancestral property. There can be many wonderful opportunities in career. Businessmen will have to face challenges. Be cautious about health. Chant the Panchakshari Mantra of Lord Shankar.
  8. Scorpio
    This time will be hard for you. Take control of your anger. Due to sudden expenses, there may be a deterioration in the financial situation. New responsibilities can be found in the workplace. Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa every day.
  9. Sagittarius
    There is a possibility of monetary gains. There may be growth in career, but family problems may also have to be faced. Keep your voice under control and try to speak sweet and worship Lord Vishnu.
  10. Capricorn
    This time cannot be called good for you. But this time is right for investment. Avoid overconfidence. There may be a decrease in material pleasures. To avoid this, recite Sundarkand.
  11. Aquarius
    Expenses will increase. There is also the possibility of income from many sources, especially money can come from abroad. This transit is not auspicious for you professionally. Recite Shiv Chalisa everyday.
  12. Pisces
    There is a possibility of profit. Time will be good for you. Discussions related to marriage can be successful. You can start a new job. Recite Ram Rakshastrot every day.
Jupitre transit in capricorn