Big shock of Corona in Delhi, 51 deaths in 24 hours, 6842 cases came to light


New Delhi: In Delhi, the Corona has once again broken its own Tuesday record. In 24 hours on Wednesday, 6842 cases of corona have come to light. While 51 corona positive have died. While 6725 cases of corona were reported on Tuesday. At the same time, the positivity rate has also increased. The number of active patients in Delhi has now reached 37,369, which is said to be the largest number ever. On the other hand, increasing air pollution in Delhi is also adding to the problem.

Satendra Jain said- The third wave of Corona has started
On the increasing number of cases in Delhi, the Health Minister of the Delhi Government Satyendra Jain says that the reason for this is the aggressive testing taking place in Delhi. Now if even one person in the family is corona positive then all his close contacts are tested. Whether it has any symptoms or not. At the same time, Satyendra Jain also admitted that the third wave of Corona has started in Delhi, due to which the cases are continuously increasing.


Risk of damage to eyes, throat and lungs
There is no system in our body to stop these particles while breathing. In this case PM 2.5 reaches deep inside our lungs. PM2.5 is most harmful to children and the elderly. This increases eye, throat and lung problems. There is also coughing and shortness of breath.

What is Air Quality Index?
An Air Quality Index has been created to measure the problem of pollution. The index shows that the amount of 8 pollutants in the air, including PM-10, 2.5, PM10, PM2.5, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO), is determined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Under the standards or not.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is ‘Better’ between 0-50, ‘Satisfactory’ between 51-100, ‘Normal’ between 101 and 200, ‘Poor’ between 201 and 300, ‘Between 301 and 400’ Considered ‘bad’ and between 401 and 500 ‘severe’.