Big disclosure of Wuhan researcher, Coronavirus was prepared as Biological Weapon

Shao Chao

Beijing: Even though the cases of corona have come down a lot all over the world. But surprising information related to the coronavirus keeps coming to the fore. In this episode, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology claimed that the coronavirus was prepared by China as a bioweapon. The researcher claimed that his partner had prepared four different strains of the virus to find out which virus could spread faster.

A researcher named Chao Shao made shocking claims in an exclusive interview with International Press Association member Jennifer Zeng. In this exclusive 26-minute interview, Shao Chao told how another researcher, Shao Chao, admitted that his senior had given him four different strains and told him to test them. So that it can be found out which strain can spread rapidly in organisms and which has the potential to affect other organisms as well.

Shao Chao also claimed that several colleagues went missing during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. However, later one of them revealed that he had sent them to the hotel to check on the health and hygiene of the athletes. However, there is no need for a virologist to check the hygiene. Chao Shan suspected that the missing comrades had been sent to the hotel to spread the virus.

Chao Shao told in the interview, Apart from this, in April 2020, Chao Shan said that he was sent to Jinyang to investigate Uygar prisoners, who were to be released soon. He insisted that he was sent there either to spread the virus or to find out how the virus works on humans.