Epidemiologists predicted Corona will hit 60% of China’s population, scary scenes watch video

Epidemiologists predicted Corona

Beijing: China’s top epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigel-Ding have estimated that more than 60% of China’s people and 10% of the world’s population could be infected with Covid-19 in the next 90 days. According to Feigel-Ding, the goal of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ‘let those who get infected get infected, let those who want to die. Early infection, early death, early peak, and early restoration of production.

He tweeted, ‘Thermonuclear bad – hospitals in China have completely collapsed since the ban was lifted. Epidemiologists estimate > 60% of China and 10% of the world’s population are likely to be infected in the next 90 days. Death toll likely in millions—this is just the beginning.’

Let us tell you that on Monday, the health officials of China announced the death of 2 people due to Covid-19 infection. This death was reported in recent weeks amidst a wild increase in coronavirus infection after the relaxation of the restrictions imposed under the ‘Zero-Covid’ policy in the country.

Epidemiologists predicted Corona

Eric Feigel-Ding has also said in his Twitter thread, ‘Nonstop cremation in Beijing. The morgues are full. Refrigerated containers are needed. Funerals are going on round the clock. 2000 dead bodies are waiting for cremation. Does this sound familiar? It is again like the spring of 2020 – but this time China is following the mass transition policy of the West.