India’s Daily Cases Fall 50% in Just 3 Weeks from Peak

Deaths Remain Above 3,000-Mark

corona cases 30 may

New Delhi: The seven-day average of daily Covid-19 cases in India has fallen to half the number in just three weeks from the peak of infections recorded on May 8. The seven-day average fell below 2-lakh on Saturday and stood at 1,95,183, almost exactly 50 percent during the peak when it was at 3,91,263.

The 50 percent reduction in weekly cases during the second wave took half the time as compared to the first wave in the country, a Times of India report said.

During the first wave in September, average daily cases had peaked at 93,735 on September 17. The average cases had reduced to half six weeks later on October 30.

However, the daily death toll didn’t follow the downward curve yet. The seven-day average of daily deaths hit a high of 4,040 on May 16. The count currently stands at 3,324. The daily deaths are yet to drop below 3,000 mark.

While the steep decline during the second week took three weeks, interestingly, the rise in infections during the second wave took a similar time period of three weeks. India’s seven-day average stood at 2,03,949 on April 17, three weeks before the cases peaked to the highest in the country.

corona cases 30 may

Meanwhile, the difference between new cases reported in the last 7 days and the preceding 7 days saw a dip of 25 percent.

India on Saturday reported 173,790 new coronavirus infections during the previous 24 hours, its lowest daily rise in 45 days, while deaths rose by 3,617. India’s tally of infections now stands at 27.7 million, with the death toll at 322,512, health ministry data showed. Tamil Nadu continues to record highest daily infections as the South Indian registered 31,000 new cases.