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When did International Charity Day started, know its history and importance

New Delhi: International Charity Day is celebrated every year on 5th September. This day is very special, on the one hand, Teacher's Day is...

Sequence of earthquakes, highest intensity in Bikaner of Rajasthan, Meghalaya-Ladakh also shook

New Delhi: Where the tremors of the Earthquake are being felt every other day in the country. In this sequence, major tremors of earthquakes...
Singapore scientists create 'Corona test kit'

Singapore scientists create ‘Corona test kit’, results in 36 minutes

Singapore: Scientists in Singapore have developed a technique that will give the results of a laboratory test of Covid-19 in just 36 minutes. The...
kumbh shahi snan

First royal bath of Haridwar Mahakumbh on Mahashivratri today

New Delhi: Today is the first royal bath of Mahakumbh starting at Haridwar on the special occasion of Mahashiratri. All preparations have been completed...
green card issue

Indian American health workers demonstrate at Capitol Building on green card issue

Washington: Health Officials of the Indian Front peacefully protest in the Capitol Building (Parliament House), demanding the abolition of the per-country quota for lawful...