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China offer: BRICS countries to cooperate to develop corona vaccine

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called on India and other BRICS countries to develop a vaccine to prevent the corona virus. Offered...
Joe Biden on blk woman

Why not a black woman? Joe Biden hopes for the post of Vice President

Washington: Demand from Joe Biden to nominate a black woman for the post of Vice President is growing in the wake of demonstrations against...
Governor Brian Kemp

State of emergency declared in Georgia

Washington: Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp has declared a state of emergency following incidents of violent crimes and vandalism in the capital city of Atlanta. The...
Vikas Dube Ujjain

Dubey’s arrest planned surrender: DSP relative claims

Kanpur/Lucknow: A close relative of Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, who was killed in an encounter just days before the notorious criminal Vikas...
Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel: Before the election results, Netanyahu claimed a big victory, posted on FB

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed his right-wing party's "big victory" in parliamentary elections, despite the election results being unclear. In a statement...