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Coronavirus epidemic severely affected Kinnar community

New Delhi: The coronavirus epidemic has affected almost all people. The Kinnar(transgender) community also remained untouched by its impact. Most members of this community...

Government prohibits exports after onion prices rise, applicable immediately

New Delhi: Onion Export was immediately banned by the Central Government amid rising prices. On Monday, a notification has been given by the government...
H-6 bomber aircraft

China issues video of H-6 bomber aircraft, warns US, says – will blow

Beijing: China Air Force has released a video showing a mock attack by a nuclear-capable H-6 Bomber Aircraft. This place looks like Anderson Air...

Pune tops the country in COVID list

Pune: Since the opening of Lockdown, the cases of Coronavirus have increased very rapidly across the country and are increasing continuously. Under these circumstances,...
National Forensic Science University

Lok sabha approved the National Forensic Science University Bill

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha on Sunday approved the National Forensic Sciences University Bill on Sunday. It talks about upgrading Gujarat Forensic Science University...