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posh buildings and chawls and slums

Corona more in posh buildings than chawls and slums

Mumbai: More than corona slums in Mumbai are now being spread in buildings, according to the news, at present, many posh buildings in the...

लॉकडाउन खोलने की रणनीति : 11 लोगों की टीम करेगी मंथन

इंदौर : आम आदमी हो या विशेषज्ञ सभी मान रहे हैं कि लॉकडाउन में अब रियायत देना जरूरी है जिससे आर्थिक गतिविधियों को भी...

Coronavirus infection resumes in China’s western Xinjiang region

Beijing: The outbreak of the Kovid-19 pandemic has resurfaced in the far western part of China and the number of infected patients has increased...
China military aircraft on the island of South China Sea

China is deploying military aircraft on the island of South China Sea

Beijing: China has now started bridging the artificial islands created in the South China Sea with weapons. Recent satellite images have revealed that China...

Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Electronics, has died at the age of 78

New Delhi: Lee Kun-Hee, chairman of Samsung Electronics, has died. He was 78 years old. Lee had been ill for a long time. He...