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Delhi: Metro Suspended, Extends Lockdown Till May 17

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday announced to extend the lockdown till May 17 morning to control the further spread of...
people took streets against the President in brazil

Five lakh corona deaths in Brazil, people took to streets against the President

Rio de Janeiro: There were anti-government protests in many cities on Saturday after the death toll from Coronavirus in Brazil exceeded five lakh people....

The process of impeachment against Trump will begin this week

Washington: The historic process of impeachment against Donald Trump, the former President of the US, is scheduled to begin this week. Democratic Party members...
plaque, symbol of Thailand's democracy struggle

plaque, symbol of Thailand’s democracy struggle, removed within 24 hours

Bangkok: Less than 24 hours after anti-government protesters erected a plaque in honor of the Democracy's struggle at the Rajshahi Maidan in Thailand, it...
Wang Yi held the first joint digital meeting Pakistan, Afghanistan,

China is plotting against India? Struggle to bring Nepal and Afghan together

Beijing: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the first joint digital meeting with his counterparts in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal on Monday. During this...