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studies have proved, Sun Light Kills Coronavirus

Sunlight is vital for our health.Skin cells use the energy in solar radiation to make Vitamin D, which is what enables bones to absorb...
kapil sharma

Kapil Sharma’s show to shift from TV to OTT? Netflix’s VIDEO going viral

New Delhi: TV's popular comedy show 'The Kapil Sharma Show' is currently closed. The fans of Kapil Sharma who make people laugh and tickle...

After Moderna, Pfizer now refuses to give vaccine directly to Punjab Government

Chandigarh: After Moderna, now Povizer Covid vaccine manufacturer, has also refused to give vaccines directly to Punjab Government. Pfizer also says that under...
oil from Iran

After relaxation of US restrictions, India may start buying oil from Iran again

New Delhi: If the US sanctions on Iran are relaxed, India will consider repurchasing oil from there at the same time. This will help...

There is nothing more humble than creating life: Anushka

Mumbai: Actress Anushka Sharma says that nothing can be more real than experiencing the creation of her own life. The actress announced in August...