Giving free protocol facility to those who are able to donate in Mahakal Darshan Ujjain


 Ujjain: All-round opposition has started against the decision to make protocol darshan system paid in the Jyotirlinga Mahakal temple. Enlightened people say that this decision of the committee is full of discrepancies. The committee is providing free protocol to those people who get thousands of rupees per month as salary allowances. Can’t such people donate 250 rupees in Mahakal temple. If this is not possible, then the temple committee should completely end such a VIP culture.

People’s representative’s old mother stopped

After bringing the protocol arrangement under the charge, the private company’s guard gate no. Since 4 no one is being allowed to enter without a ticket. In following the rules, they are not even taking care of the facilities given to the old and disabled. Sources reveal that on Wednesday morning, the guards also stopped the elderly mother of a prominent public representative from entering the temple without a ticket. While he is an old man, he is also a regular visitor. Let us tell you that old and disabled people are eligible to enter the temple from Gate No.4. Despite this, the guards of the private company are behaving inhumanely.

It is not appropriate to give free arrangements to capable people

The list of protocol visitors issued by the temple committee, all of them receive thousands of rupees per month as salary and allowances. Providing free facilities to such capable people is not justified. Anyway, the committee takes 250 rupees as gift for quick darshan, when a common man can give this amount then why not VIP. – Deepak Rajwani, International Lions Club District Media Incharge

Economist system is dominating

The economic system is dominating in Mahakal temple. Till now the committee was providing protocol arrangements free of cost. But by bringing this arrangement under the ambit of fee, a free facility is being made available to those people, who can donate more amount in the temple. The committee should end this illogical arrangement and completely end the VIP culture in the temple. – Rajendra Shah, President International Human Rights Association

Mahakal Bhasmarti Darshan

It has been decided by the temple committee to provide free protocol facilities to the saints of akhadas, Mahant, Mandaleshwar, etc., this is unfair. Saints of thirteen akhadas, Mandaleshwar is financially prosperous. Marriage gardens, hotels, restaurants, etc. are being run on the land of akhadas. The akhadas are earning huge incomes from these commercial activities as well. – Mahendra Singh Base, National Chief Mahakal Army Religion Cell