Country’s most modern kitchen is built in Ujjain Mahakal Lok, know its features

Mahakal Corridor new

Ujjain: The work of making the Mahakaleshwar temple hi-tech in Madhya Pradesh’s religious city Ujjain is going on continuously. Now the country’s most modern kitchen is being prepared in the temple. It will be bigger than Shirdi and Tirupati. Devotees who come to Baba’s court for darshan will be able to get the benefit of Bhojan Prasad. State-of-the-art and automatic kitchen and dining room will be built here. About 6000 thousand devotees will be able to sit together and eat food.

Lakhs of devotees come to Ujjain to visit the Mahakaleshwar temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. Since the inauguration of Mahakal Lok, the number of devotees coming here has increased. Mahakal temple will soon become completely hi-tech. Now a huge food field is being made in it. It will be more automatic and bigger than Shirdi and Tirupati temples. For this, orders are being given to make machines. Soon after the machine is ordered, the machine will be stalled in the new grain area being built near the surface parking. In other areas, 6000 devotees will be able to sit and eat together.

Food for one lakh people daily
Construction of a new restaurant is going on in front of Ujjain Mahakal Lok. The building will be completed in four months. The modern kitchen of Mahakal temple will run completely on CNG. It will be automated. There will be big weasels. The timer will be set for pulses, rice, and vegetables, automatic chapati machine, cold storage, dishwasher will also be there. Industrialist Vinod Agarwal is providing financial assistance in this. If more than one lakh people eat food daily in Ujjain, this much food will be prepared. Kitchens will be prepared in Ujjain similar to those run at Shirdi, Tirupati Balaji, Bangla Saheb, and other pilgrimage sites. A state-of-the-art dining room is being constructed for the arrangement of a full food.


An automatic food-making machine will be brought soon
The rest of the work going on in Mahakal Lok will be completed soon. One of these is the construction of the food sector. Industrialist Vinod Agarwal of Indore is building a new grain area. This building of Mahakal temple has been designed in such a way that it will have two floors. On both the first and the second occasion, more than 6000 thousand devotees will be able to sit together and receive food grains. Later it will be expanded further. An automatic food-making machine is going to come soon for this new food sector, which will be completely hi-tech. Sandeep Soni, the administrator of the Mahakal temple, told that Shirdi, Tirupati, and Bangla have come after seeing Saheb’s kitchen. The work which cannot be done in the machine there, all that work will be done in the machine installed in the Mahakal temple.