Pak aviation authorities suspend 15 more pilots holding fake licenses


Islamabad: Pakistan’s aviation authorities have suspended 15 more pilots holding suspected licenses, bringing the number of pilots flying aircraft in the country to 93 with fake licenses. This information was given in media reports on Saturday. The aviation department suspended him on Friday. The Dawn newspaper has reported that they are among the 262 pilots who have been removed from duty for having suspected licenses and the Aviation Ministry launched an investigation against them last month. The licenses of 28 other pilots have already been revoked.

Aviation Department spokesman Abdul Sattar Khokhar said the Board of Inquiry identified 262 pilots who had fake licenses. He was immediately removed from duty following a government directive. He said that out of 262 pilots, the federal cabinet approved the cancellation of 28 licenses. These 28 pilots will not be able to do any flying duty and their licenses have been canceled following appropriate legal procedures under which the pilots have been given an opportunity to be heard. The cabinet deliberated on his case twice before a decision was taken. The process of verification of the licenses of 93 pilots has been initiated, while the investigation of the remaining 141 is expected to be completed in a week. Meanwhile, private airline Serene Air has stopped paying salaries of its pilots and first officers who have fake licenses.