Xi Jinping to become Lifetime President in China, decision will be taken at CPC Conclave

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Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping is soon going to be nominated for a third term. For this, the Communist Party is going to hold an important conference this week. A resolution officially re-evaluating the party’s 100-year history will be issued at a high-level meeting beginning in Beijing. After which Xi Jinping can be declared an epoch-making leader of China after Joe Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The meeting will continue till November 11.

Jeremy R. Burme, a Chinese historian based in New Zealand, said that in recent times no Chinese leader has been able to make a place in Chinese history like Xi Jinping. This meeting is about creating a new timescape for China around the Communist Party and Xi Jinping. The party wants to increase the support base for them in the future due to the development of the past.

68-year-old Xi Jinping has emerged as China’s biggest leader in this decade. He has also done decisive work against the corruption and poverty spread in the country. Xi Jinping has also got wide public support to present China’s power to the world. After being declared the epoch-making leader, rhetoric against Xi Jinping can be classified as a crime in China. In such a situation, every voice raised against him will be suppressed. In the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, Xi Jinping is being portrayed as a hero.

Xi Jinping

All presidents who preceded Xi Jinping have retired after two terms of five years or the mandatory norm of attaining the age of 68 years. However, Xi Jinping is likely to be elected for a third term in view of an important amendment to the constitution in 2018. The plenary session is being held before the next year’s Congress of the CPC. A new leader may be appointed in Congress. Barring Xi, all other office-bearers of the party, including Prime Minister Li Qing, are likely to retire after the completion of two terms.

Xi Jinping is the son of a former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Zhongshun. During his early years in the Communist Party, he worked in Fujian Province. He was then appointed party leader of the neighboring Zhejiang province. After Chen Liangyu was fired from service in Shanghai on corruption charges, he was made the party chief of that important region. Xi is known for his tough stance on corruption and his outspoken call to reform the political and economic system. He is called the head of the fifth generation of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.