Middle East Tensions Escalate: Qatar and Kuwait Deny US Base Use Amid Iran-Israel Conflict

Ministry of External Affairs issued travel advisory

US airbase in middile east

New Delhi: As tensions mount between Iran and Israel, with concerns of an imminent conflict within 48 hours, the United States faces a significant setback. Qatar and Kuwait, two pivotal Middle Eastern nations, have reportedly taken a firm stance against the use of their territories for any American intervention in support of Israel.

Recent communications from Qatar and Kuwait have indicated a clear refusal to allow the US to utilize their military bases or airspace should hostilities break out between Iran and Israel. This development marks a notable shift in the geopolitical dynamics of the region, considering the longstanding security partnerships between the US and these Gulf states.

The US maintains significant military installations in both Qatar and Kuwait, including the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, which is the largest US military base in the Middle East. These bases have been central to American strategic interests and security provisions in the region for many years. However, the reluctance of Qatar and Kuwait to involve themselves in a potential Iran-Israel war underscores their desire to maintain neutrality and avoid escalating tensions with Iran, a key regional player.

Amidst these developments, the Indian government has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a travel advisory urging Indians to refrain from traveling to Iran and Israel until further notice. Those already in these countries have been instructed to contact the Indian embassies immediately, exercise heightened caution, and limit their movements.

This advisory comes as the latest in a series of international responses to the escalating situation, highlighting the global concern over the potential outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East and its far-reaching implications.

US airbase in middile east