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Digital Rights Group: Closure of Internet service is now the preferred measure of governance

London: When the army generals in Myanmar held a coup last week, they blocked access to the Internet in an attempt to indirectly prevent...

Diwali will be celebrated without firecrackers in these six states

New Delhi: Preparations for Diwali have been completed, but this time the enthusiasm will be a bit lackluster due to the Corona epidemic. Diwali...
Ganesh Chaturthi starts from today

Maharashtra: Ganesh Chaturthi starts from today amidst pandemics and restrictions

Mumbai: The ten-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival started on Saturday in various parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra amid Coronavirus epidemic and ongoing restrictions on people's...
shahrukh wishes of id

Shahrukh Khan wished fans in a special style, Eid Mubarak, shared Abram’s photo

Mumbai: Today, Bakrid is being celebrated all over the country. On this special occasion, everyone is seen giving Eid Mubarak (Eid Mubarak) to each...
adityanarayan wedding

Aditya Narayan’s wedding, mother danced loudly, Barati also danced a lot, watch the video

Mumbai: Well known Bollywood singer and reality show host Aditya Narayan is in the headlines these days regarding his personal life. Today is their...