How Uighur Muslims are tortured in China, after watching Taliban will forget punishment


Beijing: China commits cruel atrocities on Uighur Muslims like the Taliban. Uighurs are subjected to various types of inhuman torture in the detention centers of Xinjiang province for not obeying the communist government. Many victims fleeing these excesses of Chinese rule have already presented details of the crimes being committed against themselves and fellow Uighur Muslims. For the first time, a Chinese policeman himself has revealed the terrible torture inflicted on Uighurs.

Torture starts by being tied to a chair
In an interview given to ‘The Mail’, a Chinese policeman told that all the Uighur Muslims who are arrested by security forces in Xinjiang are kept tied to a chair for torture. Torture starts with beating them. Police personnel beat them with kicks and punches and lash them on their bare backs. In most such torture people lose their lives.

Brutally beaten for taking a nap
According to the reporter who took the interview, this former Chinese policeman also showed him by demonstrating the methods of torture. He told that in most cases, people’s eyesight is lost due to beating. The next stage of torture is to not allow the victims to sleep. They are beaten to such an extent that they lose their senses even on a light nap, and when they are brought to their senses and beaten again. Many policemen take the hammer and break the victim’s leg, leaving them temporarily dependent on others. Not only this, Uighurs are not even allowed to go to the toilet for fear of running away.

Jiang told that in the third stage of torture, the current is applied to the genitals of Uighurs. One method of torture for women is to put their hands in handcuffs and then repeatedly slam their hands on the table. A few minutes later, his hands are covered in blood. This whistleblower told that he has also seen many 14-year-old children being victims of this torture. Especially Uighur children who are punished just because they are Muslims.

Arrested for revealing poverty
Jiang said that if a Uighur even appeals to move out of their poverty or Xinjiang, then they are arrested. A police checkpoint has been set up every 300 to 500 steps in the city to stop Uighur Muslims. On this, messages are constantly given to them to follow the rules and regulations and maintain the unity of the nation. If three Uyghurs are seen hanging out together, the police tell them to go separately and anyone who shows a grown beard faces a criminal investigation. Apart from this, youth are kept in jail for 10-10 years even after sending Islamic videos on social media.

China wants to end Islam
This policeman told that the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign against Islam is so elaborate that the government wants to control the people with it. Along with ending Islam, the government wants to erase their traditions and beliefs and also wants to change the identity of Uighurs.