China has taken provocative steps along Indian border: Kurt Campbell

Kurt Campbell

New Delhi: The US said on Friday that China has taken some provocative steps along the Indian border. The US also expressed its intention to work closely with India in the future. “We need to understand the role that India plays as a great nation on the global stage,” Kurt Campbell, deputy assistant, and coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs at the White House, the official office and residence of the US President, told a Washington-based think-tank.

‘We want to encourage and support it,’ Campbell said. We want to deepen that relationship, which is already very strong. The people-to-people ties between the two countries are the strongest in comparison to the ties the American people have with other nations globally.

Incidents of infiltration and skirmishes increased along the Indo-China border
Think tank ‘Center for a New American Security’ said in a report that incidents of infiltration and skirmishes have increased along the India-China border. According to the report, the growing apprehension of border hostilities between India and China has implications for the US and its Indo-Pacific strategy between the two Asian giants. According to the report, Indian officials believe that China is trying to undermine India’s willingness and ability to challenge Chinese ambitions by engaging India on its western border with Pakistan and eastern border with China.

Campbell told the think-tank, “Some of the moves China has taken along this vast 5,000-mile border are provocative and deeply worrying for Indian partners and friends.” The report offers several suggestions to help prevent and respond to Chinese aggression along the border with India.

America said – the issue of Chinese aggression should be raised
The think-tank report said that the US should raise the issue of Indian territorial disputes and China’s aggression against other US allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific and ensure that these are included in all national security-related documents and speeches. be reflected Pakistan has also been mentioned in the report. It was said that a message should be given to him that he needs to remain neutral in the event of any future India-China border dispute. Campbell said that the India-US relationship is ‘the most important bilateral relationship for America in the 21st century’.

What did America say about the attack on embassies?
America’s statement has also come regarding the attack on the Indian consulate. Vedant Patel, Principal Secretary of the US Department of State, said, “We take very seriously the safety and security of the diplomatic missions we host at the United Nations and the diplomats who serve there. We are in close contact with our Indian partners on a range of issues, but including that we have ensured to remain in close contact with them as well as with the appropriate local institutions, depending on whether these are different missions and commerce Where are the embassies located?

Kurt Campbell

We have good relations with both India and Pakistan
Apart from India, America also talked about having good relations with Pakistan. Vedant Patel said, ‘The US values its important relationships with both its Indian partners and also with Pakistan and that these relationships stand on their own and are not a zero-sum proposition.’