16-year-old Qamar Gul took a stand from terrorists, killed three terrorists with AK-47

Qamar Gul

Kabul: The courage of 16-year-old Qamar Gul is being discussed everywhere in Afghanistan. This brave girl killed three Taliban terrorists, taking revenge from those who killed her parents.

Qamar Gul not only faced the Taliban but also killed three of his fighters with his father’s AK-47 rifle. In fact, Taliban militants who backed the government had entered Gul’s house and killed his parents, which Gul took a break. The village was attacked by more than 40 militants.

Ghor province of Afghanistan was attacked

It is being told that on July 17, at midnight, Taliban militants suddenly attacked the Ghor province of Afghanistan. Taliban militants entered Gul’s house at one o’clock in the night. Fried their parents with bullets. After this, Kamar Gul came out and started firing swiftly from his father’s AK-47. He also had a brother with Kamar Gul. Three militants were killed in the firing that lasted for about an hour. Later other fighters tried to kill Gul. But with the help of the villagers, the supporters of the government gunned him and drove him away. Afghan security forces have now taken Qamar Gul and his brother to a safe place.

Comer bravery is being praised on social media after the incident of Kamar Gul giving a befitting reply to the Taliban. Everyone is saluting his spirit for the courage with which Kamar Gul faced the Taliban at such a young age.

After this incident, Qamar Gul and her brother were in shock for two days. He is not talking to anyone. On the counter-attack, Qamar Gul said that it was his right, because we do not have to live without our parents. There are no other relatives in the village other than his half-brother. Significantly, Taliban militants often kill those who support the Afghan government and security forces. Despite peace talks in Kabul, the Taliban intensified the attack.