Confusion over the identity of the plane that crashed in Afghanistan

plane crash in Afghanistan

New Delhi: A passenger plane that was en route to Moscow, the capital of Russia, crashed in the mountainous province of Badakhshan in northeastern Afghanistan on Sunday afternoon. The plane went down in the Topkhana hills, which lie between the Quran-Munjan and Zibak districts of Badakhshan. The cause of the crash and the fate of the passengers and crew are still unknown.

The crash site is located in a remote and rugged area, where the weather conditions are harsh and the security situation is volatile. The area is also known to be a stronghold of the Taliban, the insurgent group that has been fighting the Afghan government and its allies for over two decades. The Afghan authorities have dispatched a team of rescue workers and security forces to the crash site, but they face many challenges and risks in reaching and accessing the area.

Who was on board and where did the plane come from?

The initial reports about the crash suggested that the plane was an Indian aircraft that was flying from Delhi to Moscow. This sparked a lot of confusion and concern among the Indian authorities and the public, as India has a large and active diaspora in Russia, as well as strong diplomatic and economic ties with the country.

However, the Indian government soon clarified that the plane that crashed in Afghanistan was not an Indian aircraft and that all the flights of the Indian airlines were safe and accounted for. The Indian Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia issued a statement saying that the plane that crashed in Afghanistan belonged to the African country of Morocco and that no Indian aircraft had flown on the route where the accident took place.

plane crash in Afghanistan

The Moroccan government has not yet confirmed or denied the claim that the plane was theirs, and has not provided any details about the origin, destination, or registration of the plane. The Russian government has also not commented on the crash or the identity of the passengers and crew. The Afghan government has said that it is investigating the incident and will provide more information as soon as possible.