SBI Complies with Supreme Court’s Full Disclosure Order on Electoral Bonds


New Delhi: In a significant development, the Chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI) has submitted a compliance affidavit to the Supreme Court, confirming the full disclosure of details about Electoral Bonds. The affidavit asserts that SBI has provided the Election Commission of India (ECI) with comprehensive information, including the unique alphanumeric identifiers of the bonds.

The move comes in response to the Supreme Court’s directive, which called for a transparent revelation of all data related to Electoral Bonds by March 21, 2024. The apex court’s Constitution bench, led by Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, had emphasized the necessity for SBI to disclose the bond numbers, which are crucial for establishing the link between bond purchasers and recipient political parties.

The disclosure includes detailed records of the bonds purchased since April 12, 2019, encompassing the date of purchase, the identity of the purchasers, and the denominations of the bonds. Additionally, the bank was mandated to reveal the specifics of political parties that have received contributions through these bonds since the interim order dated April 12, 2019.

This action by SBI aligns with the Supreme Court’s landmark judgment on February 15, 2024, which declared the Centre’s electoral bonds scheme unconstitutional due to its provision for anonymous political funding. The judgment necessitated a complete and unbiased disclosure from SBI, which has now been fulfilled as per the affidavit presented to the court.


The ECI is expected to publish the disclosed information on its official website, ensuring transparency and accountability in political funding.