Mars will transit in Gemini from March 13, coming back after 5 months

Mars transit

Mars is returning from Taurus after 5 months in Gemini. Coming of Mars in Gemini and making Navam Pancham Yog with Saturn, as well as changing the signs of Sun and Jupiter, will be a big astrological event, due to which the people of Gemini will be full of energy and enthusiasm during the transit of Mars in Gemini. The enthusiasm of Gemini sign people will be at its peak. Let us know which zodiac signs will be benefited from Mars coming in Gemini, for which zodiac signs Mars in Gemini will be auspicious.

Effect of Mars transit on Aries
Mars is considered the lord of Aries and at the time of transit, it will enter your third house. The arrival of Mars in the third house in your zodiac sign is considered to provide a very favorable situation for you. Due to its effect, positive energy will flow inside you and many of your stalled tasks will be completed. This transit will be auspicious for the students preparing for competitive exams. You will get the full support of your father and guru. This transit will prove to be very favorable for career as well. As a remedy, you can wear coral on your ring finger.

Effect of Mars transit on Gemini
This transit of Mars is going to happen in the Ascendant house of Gemini people. You will get auspicious effects of this transit and your immunity will be strong. You need to take care of your mother’s health at this time. Due to the influence of Mars, you can get a big profit in the purchase of the property. If you want to buy or sell any land at this time, then this time is favorable for this work. You are also expected to make a profit in the partnership business. At the same time, you will also get the support of your life partner in every way. You are advised to keep restraint on your speech and respect everyone. As a remedy, go to Hanumanji’s temple every Tuesday and worship.

Effects of Mars transit on Leo
For Leo people, this transit is considered especially beneficial in economic matters. During this time you can get a big profit from any old investment and investing money will also be auspicious for you at this time. You will get the full support of your siblings as well as the maternal side of your family. Good money can increase your salary. Even at this time, you will be very successful in saving money. An outing can be planned with the family at this time. Time is favorable for competitive exams and you will be able to perform better. You will win in legal matters. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday as a remedy.

Effect of Mars transit on Virgo
Virgo sign people will get auspicious effects of Mars transit. With its effect, your professional life will be wonderful. You can also get a promotion and you will have good tuning with the boss. People in the office will appreciate your work and you will get rewarded. Those who are doing business, their hard work will also be successful at this time and their business will expand. Your confidence will increase. You need to be a little cautious in terms of family life. Avoid any kind of dispute. Donate jaggery every Tuesday as a remedy.

Effect of Mars transit on Capricorn
Mars is considered exalted in Capricorn and this transit is going to prove very favorable for the natives of this zodiac. At this time in your career, you can get offers of your desired job. However, at this time your expenses can increase wildly. You may have to go out in connection with work. You should take care of your father’s health. Irritability may come into your nature at this time due to some reason. Control anger. Use jaggery in daily food as a remedy.