Corona: India reached number three, overtaking Russia


New Delhi: In India, the infection of Coronavirus is becoming uncontrollable. Now he has reached the third position in terms of most cases. India has overtaken Russia on Sunday. Now the highest number of cases in the world are in America. There are more than 29 lakh cases in this superpower nation of the world. After America, Brazil, India and Russia come in number. In Brazil, more than 1.5 million people have been infected with Corona. There are more than four times cases in India in America. There are almost twice as many cases in India in Brazil. Even in the case of death, the condition of America and Brazil is the worst in the world.

In India, Covid-19 cases are making some records every day. According to the Worldometer, till Sunday evening, 13 thousand cases came in India. In this way, there have been a total of 6.87 lakh cases in the country. With this, India has overtaken Russia to the third position in most cases. There are 6.81 lakh cases in Russia. There were around 6700 cases in Russia on Monday.

How India overtook Russia
To answer this question, we have to look at the trends of the last two months of India and Russia. In the beginning of May, there were about 8000-9000 cases of daily cases in Russia. At that time, daily cases were coming between 2.5 and 3 thousand in India. That is, about three times less than Russia. In Russia, it increased in May and then began to decrease in the latter part of June. Currently, there are around 6500 cases a day in Russia. On the other hand, cases in India are increasing rapidly. Last week, about 20 thousand cases came daily. As a result, India overtook Russia.

Recovery rate better in Russia

Not only has Russia stopped the increasing speed of the Corona case, but the recovery rate there is also better than India. In Russia, 4.50 people have become healthy after being infected with corona. That is, the recovery rate in Russia is 66%. About 4.10 lakh people have recovered in India and the recovery rate is 60%. Similarly, in Russia, where about 10 thousand people have lost their lives due to corona, in India more than 19 thousand people have died.

Tomorrow there will be 7 lakh cases
India will also cross the 7 lakh corona case figure on Monday. There is no need to apply much mind to understand this game of statistics. In fact, at present, about 20-22 thousand cases are coming in India every day. By Sunday morning, there were 6.73 lakh cases in the country, which can reach 6.95 lakh by late night. If this trend continues then on Monday, Corona cases in the country would have been 7 lakhs.

1.15 crore cases in the world
Talking about the whole world, there are around 1.15 crore cases. Of these, 5.35 lakh people have died. There are 29.36 lakh cases in America, which is the highest in the world. There are 15.78 lakh cases in Brazil. 1.32 lakh people have died in America and 64 thousand in Brazil. Peru (2.99 lakh) is at number five in the highest number of cases.