Bridge collapse in Gujarat, 10 people feared dead

bridge over the Bhogavo River collepsed

Gandhinagar: A tragic incident occurred in Surendra Nagar District of Gujarat on Sunday, when the main bridge over the Bhogavo River collapsed. The bridge connected the Vastadi and Chuda villages of Wadwan taluk and was used by many people. The collapse caused panic and chaos among the locals.

10 people missing in the river
Witnesses said that a dumper truck and two motorcycles were on the bridge when it gave way. At least 10 people fell into the river and went missing. Six people have been rescued so far, while four others have been injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Local police and rescue teams are at the scene and trying to find the missing people.

The bridge collapsed due to poor maintenance
The locals have expressed anger and grief over the incident. They said that they had been demanding a new bridge for a long time, but the authorities only did minor repairs. They alleged that the bridge collapsed due to negligence and lack of proper maintenance.

bridge over the Bhogavo River collepsed

The bridge was 58 years old
The bridge was built in 1965 and had a length of about 40 meters. It had seven pillars on both sides to support it. It served as a link between many villages, including Chura, Ranpur, Botad. The bridge belonged to the R&B department.