Gujarat University Hostel Clash: International Students Injured Amidst Allegations of Attack During Prayer

Gujarat University Hostel Clash

Ahmedabad: In a disturbing incident at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, international students belonging to the Muslim community were reportedly assaulted by a group of individuals. The altercation is said to have occurred as the students engaged in Namaz within the university premises. The event has sparked widespread outrage, with videos of the incident circulating on social media platforms.

Hostile Encounter in Hostel A-Block
The clash led to injuries among five students, who are now receiving medical attention at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Hospital. The incident unfolded in the ‘A’ block of the hostel, which houses a significant number of the university’s international student population.

Investigation Underway
In response to the attack, the police have formed nine teams of security personnel to conduct a thorough investigation. Police Commissioner G.S. Malik confirmed that an FIR has been lodged against 20 to 25 unidentified individuals. The incident was reported late Saturday night when the group entered the hostel and confronted the students over their religious practices.

Diverse Student Body Affected
Approximately 300 international students from various countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, and several African nations, are enrolled at Gujarat University. The ‘A’ block hostel, where the incident occurred, is home to about 75 of these students.

Official Statements and Actions
Police Commissioner Malik stated that the police responded promptly to the incident, arriving at the scene within minutes. Two students, one from Sri Lanka and the other from Tajikistan, have been hospitalized. The authorities have assured that the situation is under control and that the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) will oversee the case.

University’s Stance
Vice Chancellor Neerja Gupta of Gujarat University addressed the incident, emphasizing the institution’s diverse and multi-religious student body. She acknowledged the clash and the subsequent injury of a foreign student. The Vice-Chancellor assured that the university had filed an FIR and that the government had been instructed to take stringent measures. She also mentioned that the university would engage in discussions with the students to address cultural orientation and campus regulations regarding prayer practices.

Gujarat University Hostel Clash

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and cultural integration of international students within the university campus. The investigation by the police is ongoing, and further details are expected to be revealed as the inquiry progresses.