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Tata Project Limited to build new Parliament building will cost Rs 861.90 crore

New Delhi: Tata Projects Ltd will construct the new Parliament Building. Officials informed that Tata Projects Limited has won the bid for the construction...
Sharad Aggarwal, head of Lamborghini India

As slowing economy opens, new orders to Lamborghini: Aggarwal

New Delhi: The Italian super sports car company Lamborghini has started getting new orders in the Indian market after the expectation of the Covid-19...

Trains will not run till August 15, railway circular signals

New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to refund the full booking amount of all tickets booked by April 14 for all regular trains. Railways...
rose water

Natural Rosewater is full of priceless qualities

Anjana Upadhyay: Rosewater or “Gulab Jal”  is a natural gift to humanity. It reminds us of the familiar heavenly fragrance and beauty of the Rose...
Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Medihauxe Pharma Is Fully Equipped to Handle, Store and Deliver Corona Vaccine

Hyderabad, India:  Amidst the buzz around an imminent COVID-19 vaccine to be available in near future, Hyderabad-based Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd, critical care, life-saving super specialty drugs...