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Mahua Moitra

TMC MP’s comments on former Chief Justice of SC protest in Loksabha

New Delhi: Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra on Monday accused the government of 'defining cowardice as courage' and said that the Citizenship Amendment Act...

Vikas Dubey died due to excessive bleeding: Post-mortem report

Kanpur: The post-mortem report of notorious criminal Vikas Dubey confirmed that he died due to excessive bleeding. Vikas Dubey's postmortem report went public on...

Now PF accounts will be divided into two parts, know-how interest will be calculated?

New Delhi: The central government has notified new income tax rules under which existing provident fund accounts (PF accounts) will be divided into two...
aircraft carrier

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards add aircraft carrier to its fleet amid dispute with US

Tehran: Amid continuing disputes with the United States, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said on Thursday that it has added a heavy warship to its...
High court Jabalpur

6 judicial officers become high court judges

Jabalpur: The Supreme Court collegium has recommended the appointment of six judicial officers as judges of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. On the recommendation...