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NEET college to be opened in Karnataka from October 1, state government announced

New Delhi: In the midst of the ongoing controversy over NEET and JEE examinations across the country, the Government of Karnataka has announced the...
Iranian cargo ship attacked in Red Sea

Iranian cargo ship attacked in Red Sea, suspected of attacking Israel

Dubai: Iran's official TV channel on Wednesday acknowledged the attack on an Iranian cargo vessel, which has been standing for years in the Red...
online diabetes course

100 Indian students register for new online diabetes course

London: Around 100 Indian students have registered for a new online course on diabetes at a British university. The course focuses on helping people...
Charlie Hebdo

‘Charlie Hebdo’ again printed controversial cartoon on Prophet Mohammed

Paris: France's satirical magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' has once again published a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad after the 2015 terrorist attack. The magazine said that...

Tragic accident in Indonesia, pilgrims’ bus falls into deep gorge; Death of 27

Jakarta: There is news of a tragic accident from the Island of Java in Indonesia. At least 27 people aboard and 39 others were...