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एक बार फिर सोनू ने तमिलनाडू के 200 इडलीवालों को वापस भेजा

मुंबई. बॉलीवुड एक्टर सोनू सूद आज पूरे भारत में चर्चा का विषय बने हुए हैं. कोरोना वायरस ( के कारण हुए लॉकडाउन के बीच...

Danger of third-wave due to Omicron in the country, when will the corona be...

New Delhi: The threat of Omicron Updates has increased in the country. Infected cases are coming to the fore continuously. In such a situation,...

Gallery-goer smashes $42,000 Jeff Koons balloon dog

One of the famous balloon dog sculptures by renowned artist Jeff Koons, valued at $42000, was accidentally tipped over by a ... source

What you’re missing at the Mobile World Congress

Robot security dogs, augmented reality games and flight simulators are just some of this year's hot topics at the 2023 Mobile ... source
Imran khan

Imran calls himself ‘brand ambassador of Kashmiris’ in POK election rally

Islamabad: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has raised the rage of Kashmir on everything, is not deterring from his antics. In fact, during...