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TikTok’s headquarters to shift to US to avoid ban

Beijing: ByteDance of China has decided to establish the global headquarters of its popular video platform TikTok in the US. The company has taken...

Turkey bans advertising on Twitter, Pinterest under new law

Ankara: Turkey has imposed an advertisement ban on Twitter and Pinterest on Tuesday for not complying with the law made in the country regarding...

Indian Government sent notice to Twitter

New Delhi: India's cybersecurity agency CERT-In has issued a notice to Twitter after the recent incident of burglary (hacking) in the profile of global...
obama trump

Now Trump must accept defeat: Barack Obama

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama has said that it is time for US President Donald Trump to accept that he has defeated his...
Kamala Harris

Russia’s interference may harm the party in presidential elections: Kamala Harris

Washington: In the US, the Democratic Party's Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Sunday said that his party could be harmed by Russia's interference...