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In August, WhatsApp banned more than two million users in India, know the reason

New Delhi: WhatsApp's monthly compliance report has revealed that the messaging app had banned over two million accounts in India in August. The report...
gold price

Before Diwali, gold prices fell the most in 7 years, silver fell 7 percent

Mumbai: The good news about the coronavirus vaccine has led to a sharp fall in gold prices internationally. According to the news agency Reuters,...
Supreme Court

Process of child adoption in India should be streamlined, Supreme Court again expressed displeasure

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday asserted that there is a need to streamline the process of adoption in India, as there a...
Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram service down worldwide; Users get upset

New Delhi: Social media sites Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram service are reported to be down globally, due to which users are facing a lot...

Pfizer withdraws application seeking vaccine permission in India, know what is the matter

New Delhi: Pfizer, the first to apply for emergency use of the Covid-19 vaccine in India, has changed its mind. US pharma company has...