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Germany released the logo of Euro 2024

Germany released the logo of Euro 2024, spectators were not allowed to come

Berlin: Germany released the logo of the 2024 European Football Championship (Euro) during an event here on Tuesday night. Only a few guests and...
US factories

US factories increase production for third consecutive month in August

Washington: In the US factories (US manufacturing) last month, production increased faster than the last months of 2018. After the slowdown due to Coronavirus,...

Today Doordarshan is celebrating its 62nd birthday, know some special things about it

Today, on 15 September, Doordarshan was born. That's why today Doordarshan is celebrating its 62nd birthday. Doordarshan was started on this day on 15...

Vaccine trial started on young children, Pfizer vaccinated 12-year-old child

Washington: Vaccine manufacturer Pfizer said on Thursday that it had included in the clinical trial of anti-corona vaccine on children under eleven years of...

5 agreements between India and Bangladesh

Dhaka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday handed over 109 ambulances and 12 lakh corona vaccine doses to Bangladesh under the 'Neighborhood First' policy....