Pimpri-Chinchwad police put on trial AI-based ‘Smart traffic signal system’ in Vinod Vasti

Smart traffic signal system in pimpari

Pimpri: The number of vehicles is increasing in Hinjewadi, which is known as IT Park. Due to inadequate roads and lakhs of vehicles, it is taking several hours to cover a distance of a few kilometers in the IT city. To overcome this problem, an IT engineer has started Smart Signal System. With the help of Pimpri-Chinchwad Police, the first smart signal installed on an experimental basis at Vinod Vasti has reduced the time taken by commuters. Smart signal time is set automatically. The signal remains green until all the vehicles have passed. If the number of vehicles increases from all sides at the same time, then the traffic keeps on moving.

IT Engineer Pradeep Gilbile has his own company named Data Morphosis Technology. Pradeep is living in Ravet and his office is in Hinjewadi. A lot of time is wasted commuting from home to the office due to traffic jams. He wondered if there could be a solution to this.

There is a heavy traffic jams in these places
In the Hinjewadi area, there is a heavy traffic jams at eight to ten places like Wipro Company Chowk, Shivaji Chowk, Laxmi Chowk, Meja 9 Chowk, Vinode Nagar, Kala Khadak, Bhumkar Chowk, Kaspate Basti. To find a way out, Gilbille researched and developed a software program based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time databases.

The smart signal system implemented at the Vinode Basti intersection
In Pimpri-Chinchwad City, the work of installing CCTV cameras under Smart City is going on. At the same time, Gilbile proposed to the then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Anand Bhoite, that if a system for smart signals is implemented, it can be of great benefit in solving traffic congestion. Deputy Commissioner of Police Bhoite liked the proposal of the smart signal. He directed Police Inspector Sunil Pinjan of Wakad Traffic Department to coordinate it. After one year of work, the preparation was completed in April 2023 and the smart signal system was implemented at the Vinode Basti intersection on a pilot basis.

The estimated cost of the smart signal
How many vehicles are around the signal? In which direction are there more vehicles? How long does it take for the vehicle to pass the signal? The smart signal time is automatically set considering all such factors. The signal remains green until all the vehicles have passed. If the number of vehicles increases from all sides at the same time, then the traffic will continue, the timing of the signal is set in this way. Smart signal requires a controller, server, camera, software, etc. The cost of a smart signal in a square is estimated at Rs 10 to 12 lakhs.

Smart traffic signal system in pimpari

Green corridor facility
As soon as the sound of an ambulance, the fire brigade comes in the phase of the camera on the signal, those vehicles are diverted. As these vehicles pass, the signal system is reset according to the number of vehicles. At present, the traffic remains disrupted for about 15 to 20 minutes when the convoy of important persons passes. Due to this, there is a huge rush of vehicles from all sides. The answer has been found in the smart signal system. As soon as the convoy of the most important person is past two signals, traffic is stopped for two signals ahead of him.

There is no jam due to less time
This takes about one to two minutes. There is no jam due to less time. Through this smart signal, actions like breaking the signal, not wearing a helmet, and not wearing a seat belt can also be taken. The system is also automated to capture good-quality photographs of the offending drivers and send them to the vehicle owner through the relevant system. So the traffic police will not waste their time arguing with the drivers who violate the traffic rules.

Will tighten the noose even on vicious miscreants
The miscreants caught by the police are often found roaming freely in the city. Repeated incidents many times. The police fail to catch many criminals. In such a situation, the smart signal system can be useful for the police. A face identification facility can be provided in this system. Therefore, on the basis of software, it becomes easy to identify the person who has come on the signal. If desired, the information of the absconding and absconding accused is kept in the software, then as soon as the matching information is received, arrangements can be made to get the information including photos to the police directly from the signal. Along with this, after the accident in the Chowk, the dispute about who is at fault increased. The smart signal will be useful in the process from getting information about the accident to legal action. If there is an accident within the range of the CCTV installed on the signal, then immediately there is a system to take its photo and send the information and photo to the mobile phones of the policemen posted on that signal. If there is no police at a signal, this information can also be shared with the nearest traffic department or police station. This makes it even easier for the police to handle the situation.