Investigation Against JJB Members: Action in Pune Porsche Hit-and-Run Case

Pune Porsche Crash

Pune: In a high-profile case involving a luxury Porsche car hit-and-run incident in Pune, the Maharashtra government has been proactive in its response. Here are the key developments:

  1. Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) Decision Reversed:
  • Initially, the JJB released the accused juvenile with a minor punishment. However, as the matter gained attention, this decision was swiftly canceled.
  • The new decision is to send the accused to an observation center for further assessment.
  1. Investigation Against JJB Members:
  • The Maharashtra Women and Child Development Department has launched an investigation against two members of the JJB.
  • A 4-member committee, comprising officials appointed by both the court and the state government, will scrutinize their conduct.
  • The focus is on ensuring that proper procedures were followed while issuing orders in this case.
  1. Suspension of Hospital Staff:
  • The Maharashtra government has suspended two doctors and a ward boy from the hospital.
  • These individuals are accused of tampering with the blood sample of the juvenile involved in the accident.
  1. Family Already in Legal Trouble:
  • The accused’s grandfather and father are already in police custody.
  • Their involvement adds complexity to the case.
  1. Committee to Investigate Conduct:
  • A 4-member committee, led by a Deputy Commissioner rank officer from the Women and Child Development Department, has been formed.
  • This committee will thoroughly examine the actions of JJB members and assess whether rules were adhered to during the decision-making process.
Pune Porsche Crash

The incident occurred on May 19 in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, when the 17-year-old accused allegedly drove the Porsche car under the influence, resulting in the tragic deaths of two software engineers riding a motorcycle. The case continues to draw attention, and authorities are committed to ensuring justice and accountability.