The impact of Ban, now Chinese company Tiktok is preparing to move out of China

  • Preparing to shift Ticketock headquarters out of China due to increased pressure
  • The parent company is preparing to form a separate management board for Tiktok.
  • The government of India has banned 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok.
  • Now there is a demand for banning Tiktok in America too

New Delhi: After being banned in India, a ban on TikTok is being sought in the US. In such a situation, Tiktock’s parent company ByteDance is considering changing the company’s corporate structure. According to a Wall Street Journal report, ByteDance Management is considering creating a separate management board for TickTock and moving its headquarters out of China.

Ban decided due to privacy of users

Recently, when the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps, including TicketTalk, the government said that this has been done keeping in mind the privacy of users. Meaning these apps were accused of data sharing. However, it has been consistently argued by Ticketock that data storage is being done in Singapore. Also, the Chinese government never talked about data sharing nor will the company ever do so.

This app allows users to browse trending and short funny videos. Apart from this, users can watch around 10,000 status videos.

What are the features in editing?
Using the editing feature, users can create creative video and share it online. Apart from this, you can use beauty effects under the beauty cam option. With the help of video editor option, you can add different videos together and adjust the timing. Along with all these features, users also get access to the music library.

Which languages ​​are available?
Talking about the language, users in languages ​​like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and English get the opportunity to create creative content. They can choose the language they like and produce videos very easily.
Instagram launched reels
Recently, Instagram replaced the short video feature Reels (Reels) in India, replacing TickTock. In this, users are getting the opportunity to make a video like Ticketock. Here users can make a 15 second video.

Data security first priority
ByteDance Management here says that we do not tamper with users’ data and data privacy and security is our first priority.

200 million registered users
There are around 200 million registered users on TicketTalk in India. There are about 12 crore active users every month. Since launch, this app has been downloaded 66 million times in India till now. Bytdans has employed over 2000 people in India.

Loss to hundreds of crores
The company has lost hundreds of crores due to the ban in India. According to a report, the ban will cause Ticketock to lose at least $ 6 billion. In the name of data security and data privacy, it is possible that in the coming days, the company will have to face a similar phenomenon in other countries. In such a situation, the company has started working on the option of a new hideout for itself in time.