Trump tried to show his mental fitness by repeatedly mentioning five words


Washington: Donald Trump’s campaign in the US presidential election seeks to portray 77-year-old Joe Biden as someone who has lost some of his acumen, but his bets on the election in November But the candidature of the former Vice President has not been shaken.

This is why the 74-year-old Trump is trying to intensify the attack on his potential Democrat candidate, Biden. In a television interview on Wednesday night, Trump tried to show his mental fitness by repeatedly mentioning five words. President Trump told Fox News, “The first question is very simple. The last question is more difficult. Like a memory-based question. Such as: person, woman, man, camera, tv. They say, “Can you repeat?” That’s why I say, “Yes. It is: man, woman, man, camera, TV. ”He then recalls that at the end of the knowledge test, the doctor asked him to repeat it again. Trump said, “Say more: man, woman, man, camera, TV. ‘If you say it systematically, you get extra points.


Actually, it’s not that easy but it’s easy for me too. “Trump claimed he surprised physicians because ‘I have a good memory because I’m intellectually conscious here.’ At the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania Referring to reading, Trump knows to announce that ‘he is a very talented man. ‘He began telling his colleagues about a month ago that he had his intellectual consciousness examined under a physical examination in 2018, which would make his attack against Biden far more sharper.

However, Dr. James Galvin, professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Miami and running the dementia center, said that this is not going to benefit Trump and it will not be that easy. He said Trump had referred to ‘Montreal Cognitive Assessment’, but this was not an intellectual capacity test. It does not show how fast a person is.